What SilverSan can do better!

Apart from its excellent antimicrobial properties, SilverSan offers additional decisive advantages over other methods of sterilization by silver. The most important are listed in the following:

Intrinsic safety – SilverSan doses the necessary quantity of silver ions over a period of many years without the user having to intervene. There is no possibility of forgetting, overdosing or underdosing as there is with drops or tablets.

The costs are a fraction of those for other silver technologies.

IIn contrast to silver-impregnated plastics, a change can be made without having to change the entire part.

When using silver-impregnated plastic resin, the entire production sometimes has to be converted – SilverSan can be integrated in any existing application and geometry; no further costs are incurred through having to convert the production.

In comparison with pure silver, the activated surface is optimally protected against passivation or any other negative influence; a constant emission of the necessary quantity of silver ions is guaranteed and is practically independent of any external influence.

In contrast to impregnated plastics, SilverSan is not restricted by the limits dictated by injection molding or extrusion technology for shaping.

The quantity of silver given off – and thus its service life – can be selected freely due to the orders of magnitude.

• is economical

• it complies with the legal limits stipulated for drinking water without the need for dosing and control engineering since it is self-regulating

it has a service life of several years without requiring any maintenance, maintaining a constant effect in the process, since it is self-renewing

• it is independent of any energy

• it is resistant to cleaning chemicals and the typical substances found in water

• it can be integrated in any existing application without the production having to be converted

• it can be kept indefinitely in dark storage

• it can be replenished.