Other possible SilverSan applications

Drinking water
– Drinking water filter and osmosis systems
– Germ protection at water taps
– Legionella protection in shower heads and boilers
– Disinfection in decentralised small units

– Air conditioners and air humidifiers
– Indoor fountains
– Toilet (cistern, toilet brush)
– Hygiene sponge
– Thawing sieve (salmonella protection)
– Plant pots (mould protection)
– Anti-mould wall cloth

Personal hygiene
– Shoe insoles (against odour + athlete’s foot)
– Panty liners, sanitary towels
– Armpit pads

Outdoor area
– Water tanks (caravan/mobile home)
– Water bottles
– Water canisters
– Travel WC
– General water disinfection

– Lecterns
– Bandages
– Hygiene slips
– Hygiene mask and headgear

Special applications
– Cooling lubricants
– Inline line protection

We are in a position to develop a solution for virtually any application
that is ready for production. Speak to us.