SilverSan Health Care SARL
Hygienically pure water – for anybody,
at any time and in any place.
That is our Vision.
In 1993, Dr. Heinz W. Stadelmann began developing a process that would simplify using the sterilising effect of silver. The aim was a product that makes it possible to obtain and conserve germ-free water in virtually any place under all conditions.

The requirements for such a product are:

• It must be extremely simple to handle.
• It must be cheap.
• It must be reliable.
• It must work maintenance-free.
• It must be effective for a long time.
• It must be able to be used everywhere and
• It must be independent of power supply.

In 1994, manufactured, activated silver webbing was tested for the first time in reverse osmosis systems, activated carbon filters and public bars according to the process developed by Dr. Stadelmann.

The success was staggering: the measurements carried out
by independent test institutes showed a germ count of zero (even in previously heavily contaminated systems).

Today, the product SilverSan which is ready for series production and meets all the above requirements has emerged from these beginnings:

SilverSan is self-regulating.
SilverSan meets the legal requirements for drinking water.
SilverSan is self-renewing and maintenance-free. For several years, depending on the version and the application.
SilverSan can easily be combined with any other filter system.
SilverSan does not require power.
SilverSan can be used simply and without technical knowledge.

The possible field of application has been simultaneously extended (see “possible field of application”). Today, we are
in a position to assemble and cost-effectively manufacture SilverSan for virtually any possible application.